Some Kind Words From Our Customers


In my Concierge practice having AllerAlt allergy drops (Sublingual Immunotherapy) as an additional service to offer my clients has been invaluable. The ease and convenience of the take at home allergy drops (SLIT) has been outstanding for my clients and for the treatment of their allergy related symptoms.

DO in AZ

“I have been amazed!”

I have been practicing Family medicine for a period of greater than 30 years. During that time there have been many changes in medical care. Various treatments, medications and modalities have come and gone. Some methods showed benefits for a short period while others are still part of the care offered to patients. I remind people about these changes because I am impressed with the Alleralt system for allergy care. In fact, I have never seen a treatment do so much for so many with so little risk as the Alleralt system does. I have been amazed!

Dr. L.Tampa, Florida


I am a medical professional and have had allergy symptoms my whole life, year round, and seasonally allergies were worse. Based on my positive allergy test I started AllerAlt drops and within a month I was able to stop using my daily antihistamine for the first time in 40 years! My patients, both children and adults, have agreed that starting AllerAlt drops have made life much more enjoyable!

NP in Minnesota


Having suffered with allergies for years, but being unwilling to deal with the inconvenience of regular visits for injections, I have been delighted with AllerAlt sublingual immunotherapy drops. While conventional remedies like antihistamines and nasal steroids have helped to control the symptoms, it’s nice to finally be able to do something to combat the problem rather than just trying to cope with the symptoms.

MD in Minnesota

“great success”

As a medical professional I have had great success with the AllerAlt drops prescribing them to all ages including children who could not tolerate more than 3 foods but who now can eat everything as well as to professional athletes who need to be on their game at all times. Especially during spring allergy season.

PA in Tempe

“have changed her life.”

My 10 year old daughter was taking allergy medications, using nasal sprays and eye drops every day from May through October. Within months of starting the allergy drops she stopped all medications. She’s been allergy free now for almost 3 years. The allergy drops have changed her life.



My 15 year old son carried an inhaler with him everywhere. Living in the country during planting season was especially miserable. We tried every over the counter medication but nothing seemed to work. Within 3 months of taking allergy drops he could stay outside for longer than 10 minutes without his eyes swelling up. It almost made me cry knowing how much he had suffered when one day, he said to me – Mom imagine what it will be like next year, I’ll be able to stay outside and shoot hoops and hang out all day if I want, won’t that be AWESOME!


“now breath normally”

I’m 24 and have suffered with what I now know were allergies my entire life. For 16 years doctors told me that I had exercise induced asthma. After only 6 months on allergy drops I can now breath normally without taking pills and using nose spray every day!



I am a 78 year old who has suffered with allergies my entire life. Before starting allergy drops I wouldn’t leave the house without taking allergy pills and a supply of Kleenex. I was taking 2 or more allergy pills a day. Within weeks of taking allergy drops I no longer needed any allergy medications.


“free and enjoying”

My 8 year old son was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma. A condition that was very restrictive in his attempts to play football and baseball but within months of starting the allergy drops he no longer needed his inhaler. He has been allergy and asthma free and enjoying football and baseball now for over 2 years