It’s easy to get started.

In only two hours you and your staff could be using the AllerAlt program (testing and the Immunodrops allergy drops) to help your patients gain significant relief while also improving your practice revenues.

When you sign up with AllerAlt one of our trained professionals will provide you with comprehensive training that includes:

Setting up the test Kit:

  • Guidance on creating a cash-based and/or insurance-based allergy program.
  • Providers: Allergy causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment.
  • Front office: Billing, organization
  • Back office: Allergy testing and marketing
  • Marketing support materials and guidance for reaching current and potential new patients.

The test kit includes both Environmental and Food test extracts that represent 95% of the most clinically relevant allergens, a positive and negative control, well trays for the test antigens, skin prick applicators, reaction measuring rulers, and patient brochures.

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If you would like to become a provider of the AllerAlt Immunodrops program please complete the form below or call our PHYSICIAN ONLY line at 888-414-5568 X10

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