The Benefit of AllerAlt allergy drops

Allergy Drops, also known as Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) are just the allergens that we breath, or come in contact with in our every day lives mixed in a solution of saline. In over 2 Billion doses there have been no seriously adverse side effects.

Allergy Drops involve no shots or needles.

No weekly trips to the allergist costing you both time and money, plus AllerAlt allergy drops will save you thousands over the course of a lifetime in buying allergy medications.
Some patients will see the results of our allergy drops within weeks, others may take a few months.
Any one can take or be given AllerAlt’s allergy drops. Patients from infants to 80 year olds have responded to allergy drops. In the case of small children; it’s been documented that there is a rare opportunity to actually stop the well-known progression of allergies into asthma. In Europe where SLIT has been used for over 60 years it is actually recommended that children be placed on SLIT.
The length of time that you may be symptom free varies from person to person but most people experience significant relief (clinical remission) from their allergies for years and for some it can even be a lifetime!